U5ME Operator Client 2.1: Movable Live Chat Button in Internet Communitites.

U5ME Operator Client 2.1

your posts. 2. Let your blog readers chat with you in real time. 3. Enable a live chat function in auction sites to commnicate with your potential buyers or bidders. 4.Make a simple live chat button on your online business web site. 5. Leave your live chat url in your resume (in MS Word format or on job search sites), so that potential employers can chat with you immediately. 6. If your friends are using a different Instant Messenger tool rather

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WebMonitorDummy 1.01: Monitor Your Web Sites for Up Time and Down Time, Keep Them Online Free Download

WebMonitorDummy 1.01

your desktop, sound effect, flashing the system tray icon, and email notification. If your web sites are down, youre losing money, advertising, and possibly even search rankings. Keeping your web sites online is an important task. WebMonitorDummy makes it easy to monitor your web sites throughout the day and to help ensure maximum uptime of your sites. Protect your most valuable online real estate by monitoring your web sites. WebMonitorDummy is

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Slidestory Publisher 1.01: Create & Share audio slideshows, http://www.Slidestory.com

Slidestory Publisher 1.01

your photos and add your voice to describe details not apparent in the picture. Also you can talk in your native language. You can make an audio slideshow for your special project, your vacation, or even to help sell your house. The Slidestory Publisher from http://slidestory.com is a Windows application which allows you to easily create audio slideshows, publish them with a click of a button to your own space on the Slidestory website http://Slidestory

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YourPronunciationLab YourPronunciationLab is a tool to help you boost your speaking language skills.


YourPronunciationLab automatically turns on recording and records how you repeat the same phrase. Finally, it replays the original phrase again followed by your pronunciation, so you can easily hear if you’ve made any mistakes. Another click of a button, and the process repeats again. And again. Until you perfect your pronunciation skills. With YourPronunciationLab you can use the sample audio file from any language tutor or a training book. Importantly

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YourSim 1: YourSim is a simple financial risk analysis tool feasible for non-academics

YourSim 1

YourSim. Its interface is simple and intuitive, a window with only the most important data to relate to, regarding demand, price and variable and fixed costs. There are no dialogue boxes (except standard Excel warnings if you use unvalid data), this is a straight Excel 4 MB spreadsheet workbook with no macros or other code applied. Just enter your numbers, decide how they are distributed, make up your mind about how your business is sited and organized

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YouRecorder 2.0.0: powerful real-time game recorder and screen recorder

YouRecorder 2.0.0

YouRecorder has powerful real-time video encoding capability, faster and high-quality. It creates small-size files and occupies a smaller hard disk space. YouRecorder supports synchronous video and audio recording. It can record audio from any source such as microphone, line-in, and speaker. YouRecorder supports high-quality playback of your recorded movies with YouPlayer, YouPlayer is a video-audio player for YouRecorder yrv file format. you may

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Tipard iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum 5.1.38: Export various files from iPhone 4 to PC/iTunes/other Apple device.

Tipard iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum 5.1.38

your iPhone 4 to the other iPhone You can simultaneously connecting yourBackup iPhone 4/iPhone SMS Once owning this iPhone 4 fiel manager, you can easily backup your iPhone 4/iPhone SMS as database file to your PC for safety. What`s more, you can delete unwanted SMS in the backup files. 3.Backup iPhone 4/iPhone SMS Once owning this iPhone 4 fiel manager, you can easily backup your iPhone 4/iPhone SMS as database file to your PC for safety. What`s

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Happy Halloween 5.07: 'Happy Halloween' is a free Animated Screensaver by EleFun Multimedia.

Happy Halloween 5.07

your desktop having beautiful screensaver? Just have a look at the Animated Screensaver "Happy Halloween". Congratulate your relatives and yourself with the Halloween holiday. In this amazing day full of different surprises a traditional merry pumpkin will be displayed on the monitor of your computer. Click it with a cursor and it will jump all over the screen. Install Animated Screensaver "Happy Halloween" on your computer and holiday will enter

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PcHeal Fix and boost your computer speed the easy way.  No more crashes!


your hardware are made and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use interface that a child could use. Most other cpu/computer enhancers promise that they work while you notice no difference at all in performance. PcHeal on the other hand has been tried and tested and proven to work. Are you tired of working on a class paper for school and all of a sudden your computer crashes? Or youre running a web server and notice your server keeps

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EngCalc Fluid Mechanics Calculator PPC 2.0: EngCalc(Fluid Mechanics) - PocketPC Calculator a must have for Engineers.

EngCalc Fluid Mechanics Calculator PPC 2.0

yourfinger tips.Momentous Fluid Mechanics Calculator. A must have for Engineers. Empower yourself with instant references and solutions of frequently encountered calculation at your finger tips. Just few taps, and all the calculations that consumed lots of efforts and time will vanish, there byincreasing efficiency. This means you will have more time to analyze your information and make better informed decisions, thus helping your company maintain

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